Goat Cheese Fried ~ Yummy!


Well I tried to make the fried Goat Cheese that I saw on Pinterest. I tweaked the recipe, because honestly i just looked it over and looked at the steps and then kind of “winged” it! It turned out really well. I loved it. Memaw liked it, I did not tell her it was goat cheese, so I have a feeling that is why she ate it. Lee said it was “too cheesy” – I will take that as a dislike, but my hubby isn’t one to eat big chunks of cheese (weirdo!)! I am attaching the link for the original recipe because there are great step by step pictures, the only problem I had is getting the egg to stick to the flour, i really had to just work it on the cheese to get it to stick! I also used whole grain breadcrumbs with panko, just to be different.

I only used 4oz. of cheese, so  like 3/4 cup of flour, 1/2 whole grain, 3/4 panko, 1tsp. Pink Salt, 1tsp. Black Pepper, 1tsp. Old Bay, 1tsp. Rosemary. i simplified it down for me since it was my first time. And i only need 1 egg for the small amount of cheese i used. The original recipe is right, they brown fast, so make sure the oil isn’t too hot, and in my small fry pan, i put 4 at a time, and they came out perfect! Again, this is with 4 oz. of cheese, the recipe she uses is for 16 oz.  – just keep that in mind.



and these are my pictures (not as fabulous), ~ i am super glad i tried this. It was easy and yummy, and if you are serving them for a mixed crowd, just don’t tell them it’s goat cheese! and if you come to my house and see something that looks like this, do me a favor, try it first before you decide you don’t like it! Enjoy!



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While my blog started as a simple place to write about all the leading men I was falling in love with in the books I was reading; it has turned into more of a TRUEBLOOD place to rant and praise this show that is consistently twisting Charlaine Harris' story lines. I still write about my book loves from time to time, but this is more of my place to share my thoughts on the True Blood HBO series!

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